Monday, July 27, 2009

Peep Show/XXX Arcade Booth/Gloryhole Etiquette.

While on Vacation in NYC recently I stopped by the local gay xxx shops in the East Village. I don't remember what the name of the places I went to were called but it really doesn't matter. The point is, I made it an effort to check out some of the xxx adult stores out in the east coast. I like visiting other xxx shops. I like to see what sorts of toys and novelties are put in different stores. I like to see how other stores arrange thier DVD's and what DVD's they put out on in the store. I mostly like to check out thier DVD sections. Going to gay xxx stores is very refreshing for me. I'm mostly surrounded by str8 porn so being able to be around bulges, pecs, and guys getting fisted is something different for me.

What was also cool about hitting up these gay xxx stores was the fact that I could actually be a customer instead of the clerk. Being a customer at an adult store is so fun. Don't get me wrong, I have a ball when I'm playing the role of the clerk but to be the customer, it's soooo much fun. I will admit, I do try and ask the clerks some questions about lube or a certain movie just to keep them on their tows. But this gay xxx places were incredibly interesting for me because of all the gay porn that is out there in the world. There is sooooo much. It kinda tripped me out. I mean, I know that there is a shitload of gay porn out there but to actually be surrounded by it was kinda overwhelming. I guess I'm soooooooo used to being around all sorts of str8 porn that I sometimes forget that gay porn even exists. So when I was browsing through the DVDs it kinda took my breath away. There were soooo many stiff cocks, hairy chests, chiseled bodies, nice firm bubble butts, and fisting galore!!! I had never seen soooo many gay fisting videos in one store. I swear, there was movies like "Berke's 20 Fist afternoon" and "PISS PISS PISS!" and "Breed my faggot hole" and all sorts of insane and hilarious titles. There were so many companies out there making all sorts of crazy cool gay porn.

After getting my fix on the DVDs I went and checked on the arcade booths. I'm no stranger to the arcade booths. I used to work at some of the adult stores in Santa Barbara when I getting my bachelors degree. The stores I worked at had arcade booths. Going to arcade booths is like second nature to me. I know exactly what to expect. What was cool about these arcades was that they were mostly filled with gay porn! There was like 30 gay porns and like 2 str8 porns at the arcade. I was impressed that some of the str8 porn they chose wasn't whack. They had some good Evil Angel and Anabolic stuff.

I thought it was pretty cool that the arcade had a guy giving out change to the people that needed it right at the entrance. It kinda felt like I was getting gambling money or something. The guy has all sorts of change folded up neatly in his pocket. While I was walking through the booths I saw the usual arcade booth clientele. There was the old geysers sniffing things around and maybe two young guys walking around the booths. As soon as I walked in and got my change, I could feel the old guys trying to hover around me. I felt like a wounded deer getting ready to be eaten alive. I made my way to a booth in the far corner. I walked inside, took a seat, and watched the video screen. Well, before I took my seat I made sure there wasn't any spooge in the seats. I sat down, put some singles in the machine and started flipping through some of the channels. I leaned back, wiped out my cock, and started stroking. I really needed to give my penis some loving. I mean, I'm in a fuckin booth with porn how am I not gonna whip my shit out and stroke? Plus, I didn't feel like stroking @ my buddies place. I was sleeping in the living room and I didn't wanna get caught or get caught cleaning myself off After jizzing on myself OR get any jizz all over the furniture. Fuck that shit. As I'm sitting there I noticed that the walls had about a a three inch opening. It wasn't a gloryhole, but I knew what it's purpose was.

As soon as I started to stroke someone came into the booth next to me. I sat there watching my porn, minding my own business, when I notices that the anonymous guy next to me started to rub his hand through the three inch gap. Just to be clear and put shit out in the air, when I go to arcade booths I never, ever, EVER get a blow job. EVER. I never stick my cock in no gloryhole or gap in the wall to get my dick pleasured by an anonymous mouth. I just don't. I know it defeats the whole purpose og being at a gloryhole but I just don't like to do it. I'm more of a conservative slut. When I go to arcade booths I'll stroke and let the people watch me stroke from the peepholes, but no one is gonna wrap their lips on my cock. I'm such a tease. I think it's hot and exciting when people get their cocks sucked in these places...shit, more power to them. But when it comes to me, No dice. I'm too paranoid sticking my cock in a hole without seeing who's on the other end of it. This totally kills it for the horny men wanting to suck on cock. I'm more of a tease. I'll let ya watch me stroke and let ya stroke me, but that's about it. I mean, who knows what the other person is gonna to my dick. I've seen plenty of gloryhole videos on xtube where guys are getting their cocks serviced and shit, but still...It kinda freaks me out. Also, most of the guys that were at the arcade were ugly trolls. I DO NOT want my cock sucked on by an ugly troll.

I'm such a tease at gloryholes. This one guy kept BEGGING me to suck my dick but I was like HELL NO! I let him watch me and moan and groan and shit, but what kinda got me pissed was that the guy wasn't even trying to stroke or anything. I guess he was pissed that I didn't share. I totally get it. But hey, I let him feel up on my cock and my body. So he was getting something out of it. Once he figured that I wasn't gonna give in and let him suck me off he left. I sat and kept stroking and watching the porn. I saw some pretty good fisting videos and some German shit.

So here is where my arcade booth etiquette comes in. I wasn't totally prepared when I decided to go in to the arcade booth. I had no tissue whatsover. So I was left with a dilema: Where the fuck am I gonna shoot my load? I didn't wanna shoot it all over myself. That woulda been a stupid idea. I woulda had a shitload of cum all over my stomach with nothing to clean myself with. I coulda shot my wad at the guy in the booth next to me but that would risk getting my cock close to his mouth. My only other option was to shoot my spunk on the ground. This is where I felt bad. I felt bad for the guy that has to clean up all the jizz and other crap you find on the floor of the booths. It came to the point where I wasn't gonna cum at all the guilt was eating me so bad. But then I started getting flashbacks of when I had to clean up all the wads of goo from the booths at the porn shops in Santa Barbara. I started to think of all the times I would get nauseated by the stench of piss and cum and poppers when I had to clean up those fuckin booths. After that, I didn't really feel guilty at all. I mean, this guy is getting paid to clean up all the mess. After that thought I didn't feel guilty at all. I watched some good raunchy German leather porn, stroked my cock, and shot huge wads all over the ground, cleaned myself off as best I could and got the hell outta there.

Guys at Gloryholes get pissed off with me. But I don't give a fuck. The most they're gonna get from me is watching me pleasuring myself or a handjob at most. It kinda gets me going to know that I'm teasing someone with my cock. It feels very empowering. I don't give a fuck if these guys get mad for me not sharing. There is always other guys out there happy with just watching me stroke. I really don't feel bad if they get pissed off at me if I don't give up my cock. There are plenty of other people in those arcade booths that are more than willing to give up thier cocks for your mouth. Not me. I get tempted, I get really fuckin tempted sometimes. Especially when the booths are filled with some hot guys. Man, my will power gets weaker and weaker when I see hot guys walking around trying to get some action. But I always end up being a semi tame slut and not get into too much naughtiness.

OK, I'm fuckin pissed. I had written a huge chunk about a "Peep Show" I went to but thanks to Blogger and thier technical difficulties, the whole fuckin story got erased!!!! UGH!!!!!

So, I'm gonna write about my Peep Show experience in a future blog. I'm too fuckin tired and pissed to be able to write the story again. FUCK, I really liked some of the shit I was writing! Oh well, I'll get to writing it. The shit that happened at the Peep Show was fuckin hilarious!

I'll keep ya posted!



  1. who is this guy? why am i reading his bullshit rambling? oh wait, it's cause i'm a bit tipsy! i read this post cause i thought there were some real genuine arcade extiquitte posts!!! fuck i get to the end and nothing!!! this PORNOLANDIA blog sucks my nasty ass worse than a toothless old std infested fag!!! WTF! i want to read a blog that at least has spell check motherfucker!!!