Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scott Tanner invades LA. :)

Last Thursday I hit up Micky's for Cocktails with the Stars with a fellow co worker. I hardly ever venture to West Hollywood. But this was a special occasion because Scott Tanner one of my FAVORITE men in gay porn was gonna be there chillin with other gay porn folk and gay porn patrons. One of the reasons I don't venture much to West Hollywood is the fact that my dumb ass doesn't have a car. If I had a car, I would be UNSTOPPABLE. But alas, having no car is a huge weakness for me. But hey, I still manage to get around and shit, so its all good.

I met Scott Tanner when I went up to San Francisco for GAYVN weekend. I wrote about GAYVN weekend in a previous blog. Check it out. I started keeping in contact with Scott once I found him on Facebook. I've sent him comments here and there and kept asking Scott when he was gonna make it down to LA. Once he said he was gonna be at Micky's it was on. I HAD to be there. I was kinda concerned that I wasn't gonna be able to make it due to work but the gods were on my side and gave me enough time to get off work and head over to hang out with Scott. Now, since I don't have a car, I was plotting the whole week on how I was gonna get my ass to WEHO. I finally got my co worker/fellow porn fan Ubaldo to go with me to the event. I put on the charm and walked to his office. All I had to say to him was "hey Scott Tanner is gonna be at Micky's..." once I said that his jaw dropped. We started talking about some of Scott's films and that got us excited to go and see him!

Prior to hitting up Micky's, a bunch of gay xxx people on Twitter were building up Scott's arrival. I swear, Rob Romoni, Woody Woodbeck, Wolf Hudson, Chi Chi Larue and others were talking it up big time. It made the anticipation for the event much more exciting! It also made for great Twitter conversations. Cuz everyone knows how much of a twitter slut I am. :) I was also hyping up the event with my co worker Christina. Xtina is one of my porn party buddies. I love going to porn events with her cuz she's super fun and incredibly hot. We have the best time at porn events. Xtina was bummed that she couldn't make it to come see Scott because of work. :(

Ubaldo and I got there a lil after six. We walked to the bar to see grab a drink. We kept commenting on how HOT the bartender was. I think his name is JR or something. Ubaldo has a pic of me and him from that night. Once he sends it to me I'll post it up on here. I saw Scott talking to some people as we were standing by the bar. Ubaldo kept telling me to go talk to him but I didn't wanna bug Scott. I wanted to wait for the perfect time to say what's up to him. We walked closer to the area where they were interviewing some of the xxx performers. While I was standing there I saw Scott walking towards me. He gave me a great big hug and a kiss. I was ecstatic. It was great seeing him in the flesh again. He looked fantastic. Nice and tan and scruffy and sexxxy! We chatted for a while before he went up and got interviewed.

A bunch of people that I talk to on twitter were there. I dunno why I'm such a douche and not have the balls to say hi to people I talk to on Twitter when I see them in real life. I saw Rob Romoni and Jim Liu and Wolf Hudson and I couldn't go talk to them! Finally, I got over that shit and decided to break the ice and say what's up to Rob Romoni. All that nervous energy for NOTHING. Rob was totally fuckin cool when I went up to talk to him. I started twittering with Rob heavily when I was in NYC on vacation. We talked a ton when I was at a Mets/Dodgers game. It was funny cuz I was fuckin buzzzzzzed and Rob was making me laugh super hard with his hilarious tweets. I had seen Wolf Hudson from afar and wanted to go talk to him but didn't have the courage (like an idiot). I had mentioned to Rob that I talk to Wolf all the time and Twitter and he introduced us!!! Wolf was super nice and gave me a hug.

God, I need to get over my shyness when it comes to meeting people in the xxx industry. Like, there is no reason why I can't just go up to them and be all "hey my name is robert" or "I'm pornobobbie on twitter.." I'm getting better at it though. I think it helps when I have a few drinks in me. But man, I'm sooo changing my ways now. I also met Jeremy Bilding at the event. We had a really great discussion on porn and xxx stars that do both gay and straight porn.

The whole night was a blast. My fuckin dumb as got shit faced drunk. I got too fucked up. It was fun, but I wish I wouldn't toned it down a lil bit. Now I remember why Micky's is one of my favorite bars in Weho. The bartenders are fine as hell, the drinks are stiff (among other things), and the strippers are slutty. Man, I was sucking down my Jack and Cokes like water. I try my best to be good @ porn functions but I get a lil carried away. It's hit or miss with me. One some porn events, I'm chill, cool, and totally professional. But sometimes, the drinks just take over me and I become a babbling fool!

This event was a total change from my other porn events. Since I'm mostly shooting str8 porn (for now), I tend to go to more str8 porn functions. I'm trying to keep a balance of my porn intake HAHA!!!

I had such a great time. Thanks to Scott Tanner for being such a sweetheart and bringing some fun to the LA peeps! I hope he comes back soon.

And thank you Scott for making my co worker xtina happy! She absolutely adores you now! :)

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  1. Bobbie don't be shy. (email or call me and i'll fill you in on half the shit on half of the folks in half of that town who sometimes are in that half of the biz.)

    but what am i saying?? u know how shy i am! ahahha yeah tearing up that tranny dance floor