Monday, April 20, 2009

While Strolling to work one day...

I found this DVD cover while I was strolling to work one day. I tend to walk looking down at the ground. I've done this ever since I was a kid. I do it mostly because once when I was a kid I found a mans wedding ring with a band of small diamonds on it. Ever since then I've got it in my mind that I'm gonna find another treasure If I walk with my head low. Shit, the other day I found a dollar on my way to work. Finding a dollar can be considered a treasure.

When I saw this I had to take a picture of it. HELLA BUTT is a very popular movie at Adult Factory Outlet. I've sold numerous copies of that movie. The girl on the cover is PINKY. She's nice and thick and is known for her mami culo grande status and her pink hair. Pinky has a BIG BUTT. Like, really big. For all you guys and gals that love a big, plump, juicy arse (like i do), Pinky is a girl to check out.

I never really noticed that Rico Strong was the director of this movie. I met him once at LeMayzing Studios. He had just finished shooting a scene for a different company and was hanging out with Lynn and Eddie. We talked industry and I asked him a bunch of questions about all the people he's worked with. I guess I didn't notice his name because every time I look at this box cover all I can set my eyes on is Pinky's culo.

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