Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smash Pictures/xPeeps party @ Blue Moon Nights.

Rucca and Tee Real

Missy Stone and I

Rucca Page and I in the VIP area

Kaci Star (left), Rucca (middle), and Kita (right)

Once again, I found myself partying it up with sexxxy starlets and porn studs at the Smash Pictures/xPeeps party @ Blue Moon Nights. This has been the thirdt event I have attended at Blue Moon. This time, I was a good lil porn slut. I didn't get as hammered as I did the two previous events at Blue Moon Nights. I was feeling so good from shooting Kelly Shibari earlier that day that I didn't wanna fuck up my post shoot glow. Plus, After the shoot Eddie and I celebrated with a couple jack and cokes so I was doing pretty fine the whole day.

I was lucky enough to hit up the party with Kaci Starr, Rucca Page, and Kita. I was also lucky enough to be Rucca Page's boytoy for the night as well! It was nice making all those guys jealous rolling up to the party with three sexxxy ladies and being the eye candy for Rucca. Although, I think she was more of the eye candy than I was. Rucca was looking AMAZING that night. So was Kaci and Kita. It's always nice getting to a porn party surrounded by beautiful starlets! All throughout the night people kept asking if Rucca and I were dating. I went along with it. Shit, why not!?! Rucca and I kept talking about how funny it would be if people started posting on porn blogs that Rucca and I were dating.

The party was so much fun. I got to meet Missy Stone, Nikki Rhodes, and several other people in the business. Porno Dan was doing his usual routine of fondling porn starlets and getting them to suck his dick for the cameras. Sometimes I'd see him licking some girls pussy or making out with several different girls. with Rucca by my side, It was easier for me not feel so weird hitting up the VIP area of the club. TT Boy, one of my porn idols, was chillin in the VIP area talking to a bunch of girls. There was a point when TT BOY was surrounded by nothing but chicks! He had a big grin on his face. :)

Thanks to all the people who brought this awesome event together. I love parties at Blue Moon Nights!

Looking forward to the next one!


  1. I have not seen Kita before. Where can I find any work of hers???

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