Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Frisco Trip Day One

I've been trying to find time to FINALLY write about my trip to the GAYVN's but to be honest, I haven't had the fuckin time. My sister Maria calls me up while I'm up in San Francisco and tells me that she got rid of my bed and dresser. I used to have a pretty big bed and a big dresser but that stuff was just way too big for my small room. Ever since I got back from SF I've been dealing with getting my room organized. I got my room somewhat tolerable. I added a bunch of new porn posters up on my wall now that I have lots more empty space.

Ok...back to the Frisco trip...

We left early Thursday morning. The people traveling with me were the fabulous Lynn LeMay and Tabatha Tucker. We didn't get much traffic on our way up to SF. We took the 5 all the way up north. Driving up north on the 5 is sooooo fuckin boring. After you pass the Grapevine it's nothing but flat land, fields, and the stench of cow dung. The landscape can be so blah when you drive up the 5. But since it's springtime, the fields were covered in wild flowers. That was kinda nice. All the beautiful scenery wasn't enough of a distraction for me. I was too antsy and excited to get up to San Francisco. It had been years since I've been up there. I've been dying to go up there for the longest time. Once we got to Mountain View my heart started pitter pattering. We were getting so damn close I could taste it. I always get this flutter in my soul when I'm getting close to a city I love.

Once we got into the San Francisco city limits, Tabatha and I let out a squeal of delight! We finally made it! We drove around the beautiful busy streets of San Francisco. We got there around 3:00pm so the streets were busy! It was so refreshing hearing all the commotion of the city. I get a hard on for city noise. I'm so used to peace and quiet in my sleepy little home town of Sylmar. Lynn and Tabatha stayed at the Prescott Hotel on Post St. I stayed at my friend Thatcher and Erin's place. What rocked was that Erin and Thatcher lived a couple blocks away from where the Prescott is. Once the gals checked in a said farewell for a bit and headed over to Thatcher and Erins. I met Thatcher and Erin when I lived in Austin Texas. They had just recently moved to SF and they were gracious enough to let me crash with them for a couple of days.

It was so nice seeing Thatcher when I got to his place. I hadn't seen him since I left Austin. I hung out with Thatcher and Erin for a lil bit. We caught up on old times and pretty much chilled the whole afternoon. Once the night rolled along, it was time to go out and find some action. I wanted to hit the Castro to see what was going on. I figured there might be some gay porn stars out and about already. My mission was to meet as many gay porn stars as I could so it was time to sniff them out!

Our first stop was Q's Bar (I think that's what it's called). There was no sign of any porn stars. We decide to get a drink and hang out. We stayed at Q's Bar for a while. We really didn't know where else to go. We started asking the bartenders where all the happening spots were. They were all pretty helpful in informing us of everything that was going on. After a couple more drinks and flirting with the straight bartender we decide to hit up Club 440. We stayed there for a for a couple more drinks. I was getting slightly buzzed by this point. Tabatha and I were drinking Captain and Cokes all night. Whenever I party with Tabatha that's our drink of choice. This all stems to the first time Tabatha went out to recruit boys for porn. We got SMASHED that night off of Captain and Cokes so I guess that's our tradition now.

At this point, I was feeling very randy and wanted to go to a raunchy bar. I needed something seedy, dive, and rank. We asked someone what bar we can go to to find all sorts of naughtiness. The Eagle is where he told us to go. I remember friends of mine telling me how raunchy and cool The Eagle was so I was totally game to hit it up. We took a cab and headed to The Eagle as fast as we could. The Eagle is a leather/daddy/cub/felch/biker/ oasis. We got there and the place was popping. It sucked that we had to pay ten bucks to get in but we were there already so we stayed. We went to the bar, got more drinks, and then headed to the outside area. Once we were outside we met a guy named Jesus. We started talking to him about porn and why we were up in Sf. He mentioned that he was did some porn himself. Score! My first encounter with a porn star in SF. Jesus looked a lil smashed but hey, so did we. At this point I was really buzzed. Buzzed but still functional. Jesus tells us that did movies for Treasure Island Media. Treasure Island Media is one of the most hardcore gay porn companies out there. They don't use condoms in their movies and they are all about "breeding" and "seeding" men's orifices. They are notorious for the raunchiest gay bareback porn out there.

Things got a lil crazy when we all started talking about what we like to do in the sack and in porn. So crazy, that Jesus started pulling his pants down showing most of his ass and begging Tabatha to smack his ass. Tabatha, being the down ass girl that she is proceeded to smack the shit out of his cheeks. Then, he turned around and started slapping Tabatha's ass. People in the bar were hooting and hollering at all us. No matter how hard Tabatha slapped his ass he kept begging for more.

After all that madness, Jesus tried to force me to suck his cock. I was like..."Heeelllllll no! I'm here to RECRUIT talent not FUCK it." He was very persistent but I fuckin won the battle. It was getting close to last call so we grab a cab and head on back to the Prescott.

The first night was fun. The buzz in the city was infectious. The Eagle stench followed us in the bar. I had my taste of San Francisco raunchiness. I was a very happy man my first night in SF. Although I spent waaaaaay too much money the first night. But hey, it was all in good fun.


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