Friday, December 3, 2010

Hard Brit Lads is HOT HOT HOT!

Guys from across the pond are hot. Really hot. Especially the British ones. I recently discovered HARD BRIT LADS while on Twitter and I must say, the men and the scenes on this website are god damn sexy as FUCK! Its no secret that I have a thing for British dudes. The Brit lads are some of the HOTTEST men out there. All the Brit dudes that I've had a chance to taste and devour have been nothing but scrumptious and you'll DEFINITELY find some hot Brit lads on this site.

I mean, check out ED FOX. He is sooooooo fuckin HOT! That slight hairy fuzz on his chest, big, juicy lips, the pierced nipples, that big, deliiiiiiiiicious, suckable uncut cock? DAMN! I loved watching Ed fondle his big uncut dick in his red shorts. Watching him get himself hard while hiding his amazing dick behind those small red shorts made my mouth water for his cock. Oh yeah, when he reveals the slab of UK uncut beef he has in those red shorts.....................AMAZING! One of my favorite parts of the solo is seeing Ed slap and grope his cock while still in his red shorts. Its such a good tease because once he reveals what he's got down below its quite the sight! I also LOVE when Ed plays with his nipples while he jerks off. Too fuckin hot. I swear if I were with him I would totally stuff that big, thick, uncut UK cock down my fuckin THROAT! :P

Here are some more pics of gorgeous stud ED FOX!

HARD BRIT LADS content is filmed in HD and the site has NEW SCENES updated weekly. Did I mention that the men on this site are fuckin hot? Oh yeah, I think we covered that. Did I mention that there are lots of beautiful uncut men on HARD BRIT LADS? Mmmmm hmmmm. We got that covered.

I'm gonna keep you all posted on some of the new content that comes from HARD BRIT LADS. I've been going through several of their scenes and finding lots and lots of hotties and FORESKIN! YAY! :P

Oh Ed Fox, you make this uncut American swoon! So does several of the hotties from HARD BRIT LADS! :P

Also, check out @hardbritlads on TWITTER!