Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ed Fox and Jack Jefferson hotness on HARD BRIT LADS!

My lust/obsession with Ed Fox continues with this fuckin HOT scene on HARD BRIT LADS! This time, Ed is kissing, sucking, and fucking the hell out of sexy Jack Jefferson. After Ed Fox's steamy SOLO I just HAD to watch him get his big fuckin uncut cock sucked and watch him shoving his massive cock in and out of of a hot Brit dude. Jack Jefferson is one hot shaved headed bloke that takes such a nice pounding from Ed Fox. Not only does Jack excel at taking Ed Fox's perfect uncut cock up his beautiful arse but he slobbers, deep throats, and gags on it like a hungry cocksucker. Oh, and don't think that Ed just sits there and lets Jack just suck on his cock. Oh no. Ed pretty much skull fucks Jack and watching Ed slide his big cock deep down Jack's throat will make your dick leak. Its sooooo fuckin HOT! Shit, who wouldn't be hungry for Ed's slab of uncut UK beef. I mean seriously, if Ed whipped out his cock in front of you would YOU not instantly get on your knees and start sucking. Didn't think so. Ed does some good dick sucking of his own on Jack's big uncut cock. Watching his juicy plump lips wrapped around Jack's cock, bobbing and weaving.......damn...........

Now lets get to the fucking. Jack is one lucky and talented bottom because he takes Ed's cock with ease. I LOVE the way Ed fucks. He is gentle and tender and flips it on you and becomes a total dominant top which I fuckin LOVE! Not only that, Ed has some of the best, most intense facial expressions on his face when he pounds Jack. It's like you can see his thinking process and concentration on his face expressing how much he loves plowing Jacks hole. Watching Ed's face while he slides in and out of Jack is such a turn on. Also, watching Jack's face cringe with delight as his hole gets stretched is great too. There is also a great moment in the scene where Ed grabs onto Jack's shirt and obliterates Jacks butt with no mercy! That was one of my FAVORITE parts of the scene!

Oh and when you get to the end of the scene you'll be delighted with the massive cum facial Jack gets from Ed. I swear, I sooooooo wish I was Jack at that moment. :P

Check out some of the pics from this HOT FUCKIN SCENE!

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