Thursday, October 22, 2009

Unzipped Magazine Fetish Party at MJ's Bar.

Last Friday, I hit up a gay fetish party thrown by I had a fuckin WONDERFUL time at this party. I heard about the party from Unzipped Media on Twitter. I follow Unzipped Media on Twitter because the person running it (Zach you RULE) posted a tweet about the party. The thing that caught my attention was "Gay" and "Fetish". It was on after that. I really wanted to go to this party and I almost didnt make it. Thanks to my awesome neice Liz I managed to go!

The party was pretty fuckin cool. The crowd was really awesome when I got there. It was packed, but the whole vibe of the party was really thick and sexy. Perhaps it was the energy from all the hot men that were pretty much EVERYWHERE and some pretty hot Go Go Boys to boot. I spent the first part of my time chillin by the bar and people watching. Well, I was mostly gawking at the Go Go Boys but Go Go Boys (the good ones) are having fun onstage and and are easy on the eyes I'm all up for gawking. :P

My favorite part of the night at the party was standing next to one of the Go Go boxes with my buddy Jeremy Lucido and watching two really attractive guys squirt massive amounts of Gun Oil all over thier chiseled, moderately hairy (yum), bodies. I gotta say, that shit was pretty fuckin hot. I love when guys and girls lube thier bodies up. It's fuckin sexxxy. The smooth, shiny, skin that glimmers when its covered in lube...mmmmmm.....

Right after the guys covered themselves in lube they started to get all freaky on each other. Rubbing up againt each other and dry humping...It was quite a sight. Not only that, I was right fuckin there. I would get huge wafts of man sweat and Gun Oil every time the guys would slither on each other.

The guys were getting so into it that they fuckin FELL OFF THE GO GO BOX! I swear, they were fuckin ALL OVER each other. Pulling down thier shorts and getting all sorts of aggressive on each other. Oh yeah, they didn't stop messing with each other after they fell off the Go Go box. Those handsome devils kept going at it. Man, watching them keep going made me wanna fuckin jump in myself. It looked like they were having so much fun playing with each other. I I'm really glad that they both didn't get seriously hurt. That fall they had coulda been dangerous. But those guys man, they really worked the crowd.

I had the best time at the party. I really hope that Unzipped has another funtion like that. The night was perfect. :)

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