Sunday, October 25, 2009

EXXXCITED about my new SHOW!

What's up peeps!

I can't tell you how fuckin THRILLED I am to be having my very own show on!!! Thanks to the lovely people at TSR Network and my beloved friend Kelly Shibari I have been blessed with the opportunity to have my OWN radio show about PORN OPORN PORN! I've always wanted to have a show where I can talk openly about the adult industry. There is all sorts of interesting stories and events that happen in this crazy industry. Sometimes, waaay to much shit happens thats crazy and cool and fucked up and awesome that it has to be talked about. My show, PORN BABBLE WITH PORNOBOBBIE will be a show where any and all topics about the porn industry will be discussed. I've been in the adult industry game for a very, very, VERY, long time. The adult industry is an obsession of mine. I feel so blessed to be able to do commentary and express my opinion about the industry on my show.

I can't wait to start having all sorts of fun guests on my show! I gotta get cracking on getting adult industry peeps to come on the show. Hopefully I will get all sorts of different people from the adult industry on the show. I also want to work on doing all sorts of cool segments where I go out on the streets and ask random people questions about porn. I've been wanting to do that for a while now. I would LOVE to know what people's opinions are about porn. Also, what kind of porn do people watch and shit like that. I'm always curious about that shit. Working at Adult Factory Outlet lets me see who is buying porn and what kind of porn people are buying/watching. I love being able to see what people are buying. For some reason, I feel that whenever someone buys a porn DVD and they leave the store I get this image of the customer rushing home to watch and stroke thier new DVD treasure.

I would also like to talk about my adventures selling porn, making porn, and being surrounded by porn on a day to day basis. I have THOUSANDS of stories from working in several different sex shops. I also can't wait to INTERVIEW PORN STARS! I want to bring all sorts of different performers that I love and admire on the show and talk about what they are up to in and out of the adult industry. Wolf Hudson Told me once that "Porn stars are people too." Which is true, they totally are people. I sometimes forget about that. I want people that listen/watch my show to know other aspects of porn performers outside of thier adult industry life.

I hope that my show will bring a different take on what goes on in the world of the adult industry. I love and adore what I do and the cool people that make the adult industry awesome!

If any xxx performers, directors, producers, etc want to be a guest on my show email me at I would love to have any of you wonderful xxx peeps on the show. Come and talk about your life in the industry and promote your shit on my show!

The cool thing about the shows on TSR Network is that they are LIVE and They are VIDEOTAPED! There is also a LIVE CHAT during the show which is fuckin AWESOME!!!

My first guest will be the beautiful TS performer Danielle Foxxx! Check out Danielle's website So please tune in This Tuesday and Every Tuesday from 6-8pm.


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