Tuesday, September 29, 2009


All I can say is "Wow". Folsom Weekend has been one of the BEST weekends I've had in a very long time. I'm chillin in my room nekkid going through all the pics and videos from the weekend. I can't stop smiling as from all the wild, fun, crazy, intense, shit that happened during FOLSOM!!!

Friday morning I woke up with a twitch in my crotch. My crotch gets all twitchy when something good is about to come my way. It was FINALLY Friday. FINALLY the day I was gonna head up to SF for Folsom. I had spent the whole week bouncing off the walls at work and home knowing that I was gonna be spending my weekend up in SF with Kelly Shibari and a bunch of my favorite gay porn buds I've met and talk to on a regular bases on Twitter. I've been talking about going to SF for Folsom for such a long time on Twitter. It was fun talking to everyone about Folsom on Twitter because it helped with fueling my buzz and eventual high I would get when I finally made it to SF.

Kelly and I hit the road like around noon. It was really cool riding up to SF with Kelly. We spent most of the time chit chatting about all the different projects we're working on and catching up on what we've both been up to. We listened to tons of 80's and 90's music from Sirius/XM. We would sing along to a bunch of the songs on the road. It helped with keeping us entertained on the road cuz seriously, the ride to SF on the 5 freeway is brutally boring. It starts to get particularly boring when you pass The Grapevine and head into the wasteland that is Bakersfield. Kelly and I kept each other very entertained talking about all the shit we were gonna do during the weekend. This helped with getting me more and more impatient ans wanting to be in SF BADLY. Kelly and I were both Folsom virgins. I first heard about the Folsom St. Fair from my one of my friends that lives up in the Bay Area. During last years festival he sent me all sorts of filthy/sexxxy pics from the event. When I saw those pics I KNEW I had to get a piece of that action. I mean COME ON PEOPLE: All those fuckin hot guys parading around int he streets wearing nothing but leather, jock straps, chains, UGH!

Before we got to SF Kelly and I made a pit stop in San Jose to meet up with Kelly's friend Mollena and Jane McMurry at The Domain Hotel. The Domain Hotel was having a Folsom Fringe and Mollena was working/presenting at the Fringe. We mety up and chit chatted with Mollena for quite a while in her room before we met up with Jane. Kelly, Jane, and I decide to have a drink at the hotel to unwind and catch up. Mollena couldn't get a drink cuz she was busy with Fringe stuff. The bar at the hotel was kinda small and closed so we ended up walking across the street from the hotel to this Bikini Bar that Kelly and I noticed when we were looking for the hotel. As we walked over there we were hesitant whether we were gonna go in or not. We finally decide to go in and have a drink. The Bikini Bar was OK. The thing that sucked was that there was NO NUDITY! Some of the girls were cute, with nice thick bodies and big asses but most of the chicks were skinny white girl waifs with no boobies whatsoever. All the ethnic girls had it going on though. There was this one Asian chick that was pretty much the star of the Bikini Bar. She was real pretty with long black hair, a thick, hourglass figure, boobs, and ass for days. As Jane, Kelly, and I were talking I would get quiet cuz I was distracted by the hot Asian girl dancing. She was moving soooo good to Janet Jackson's "Anytime, Anyplace". Kelly kept commenting on how I wasn't paying attention but once she saw what I was looking at she understood. :P

After we said by to Jane we FINALLY headed to the city. I love driving into San Francisco at night. The lights illuminating the beautiful city is so overwhelmingly beautiful. Everytime I go to SF my body feels electric. The energy from the city drives my mind and thoughts in into overload. As we drove into the city i kept sqealing and bouncing around in my seat. I probably looked like a school girl waiting to meet the Jonas Bro's or something thats how fuckin excited I was. Kelly dropped me off @ the Motel 6 I stay at everytime I go to SF. It's in the Tenderloin off Geary St. This hotel is my FAVORITE! THey have really big rooms, cool shops and cafe's in the area, awesome bars, and it's in the fuckin TENDERLOIN! I fuckin love the Tenderloin.

I walked into the Hotel and began the check-in process. The clerk was a super sweet girl that I remember from the last time I went to SF for GAYVN. As we were doing our registration she informed me that I only had a reservation for one night! I told her that I reserved the room for 3 days but the person that handled my reservation did it wrong. THEN, she tells me that they were all booked for the whole weekend! I paniced a little, but then started to flirt with her to see if she could help me out. The girl couldn't stop smiling and blushing when I was flirting with her. I flirted hardcore too. I fuckin NEEDED a room for all three days. I was having people staying with me from LA and SF so I was gonna be screwed if I didnt get my room. Well, I end up getting my room. Not only did I get my room, I got one with two beds and a smoking one for all 3 days. I gave the clerk the biggest smile and "Thank You" for helping me out. It was funny cus she was all "well...it looks like someone JUST cancelled on a room..." She gave me a cute smile. I knew she worked her magic. Once she gave me the key to my room I hustled my way into my room.

After I got all my shit put on my bed a ran back out into the streets to find a liquour store. It was around 9pm around this time and I wanted to get to the Tripple Crown Bar for POP GOES THE ZIPPER! I didn't wanna be "Tardy for the Party", which is a running joke on twitter amongst the porn boys and Chi Chi LaRue Luckily, close to the Motel 6 there was a shitload of Liqour store. I ran into one and grabbed a small bottle of Jack Daniels and some Coke. The clerk at the Liquor store commented on my Belladonna Dog Tags. Here is a snippet of our conversation:

CLERK: Hey man, why do you have my girlfriend around your neck?

ME: What girlfriend? (Pause. CLERK looks points at my Dog Tags) Ooooh...her...haha...that's MY girlfriend. Her name is Belladonna.

CLERK: Oh shit no way...I know who she is. She's fuckin crazy nasty.

ME: She's my favorite.

CLERK: Is she really your girlfriend?

ME: Nah, she's just awesome. I work in porn and she gave me these dog tags @ a convention in LA.

CLERK: Crazy shit man. (Pause.) So you ever need any actors for your movies? I know this guy that walks around this area naked sometimes with a big ass torro dick.

ME: Damn, that big?

CLERK: Fuck yeah bro. This foo's dick, I swear to you not, fuckin can touch the ground. You might see him walking around later on tonight.

(Grab my shit. Start walking away.)

ME: Haha...I'll look for him. Thanks man!


I ran back to my room. I hoped in the shower, then got dressed for POP GOES THE ZIPPER! I called the front desk clerk to get my a cab but she mentioned just going on the streets to get one. I put on my Easy Access Pants (no undies), my Lou Reed/Jewel shirt did a HUGE shot of Jack Daniels and took off!

Of course, on my rush to get to POP GOES THE ZIPPER I fuckin forgot my DIGITAL CAMERA! UGH! I was sooo pissed. It didn't take me that long to hail a cab and head to the party. Once I got there, man was is SPECTACULAR! There was people flooding the street hanging out, socializing, smoking, and all kinds of other shit. Lover Rob Romoni was doing interviews outside with a bunch of porn boys.

Rob Romoni interviewing Steve Cruz

When I got into the club it was a madhouse. Soooo many hot fuckin porn guys were out and about wearing hardly ANYTHING. The Bar was fuckin jam packed. I walked over towards the dancefloor and saw my buddies Josh Griffin and Rocco Giovanni while they were dancing on stage. I went up to say hello to them and give them a big hug. They kept apologizing for being all sweaty and I was like..."uh...I kinda like that." LOL. I swear, there were sooo many hot porn guys and non porn guys at POP GOES THE ZIPPER it was unbelievable. I also got to hang out with Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond for a moment while we were at the bar. I approached them and talked to them and was trying to be as calm as I could. I feel like I have great porn etiquette. I don't wanna be all over these men trying to grab thier crotches and do all sorts of naughty things to them. I mean, I would love to, but I'd much rather be more professional and calm when it comes to talking to them. I respect the men and women in the adult industry very much so. I would like for them to know that by acting somewhat decent with them when they're out at event. God I had a great time talking to those two. I also got to meet my gay porn oracle Sister Edith!!! We've been talking on Twitter forever and it was soooo cool to finally meet her in the flesh. We gabbed with Sister Roma for a bit then I went off to get a drink. One drink led to 4 more and then my shirt came off. And then I was dancing like crazy. it felt sooooo good dancing to the music Chi Chi was playing. I even got to chill in the DJ booth for like a minute. HAHA! It was too funny. Since I was all fuckin buzzed I started to take more pube shots to post on Twitter. While I was doing that Sister Edith came by and sat next to me. We started talking about how much fun we were having and I was toooootttttaaallllllyyyyy confessing my love for Dominic Sol. I said some pretty sexxxy/filthy things I wanna do to that man. But it was sooo much fun talking with Sister Edith. I knew when I eventually met her in person she was gonna be fabulous. That drunken conversation we had was so special. I will NEVER FORGET IT!!!

After saying by to Sister Edith it was time to go home. As I got up to get out of the club I saw Chi Chi LaRue talking with some guys on the other side of the bar. She was in the middle and both of those guys were chatting up a storm. I walked up to Chi Chi, gave her a kiss on the cheek, kissed her hand, and told her what I wonderful time I had. She was totally blushing and was kinda speechless. It was cute. I dunno, everytime I see Chi Chi I get all sexxxy and sultry. She just brings it out of me. I was totally giving her the eyes and channeling my good vibes to her. It was awesome!

Stay tuned for my blog post of Day 2 @ FOLSOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shi8t I forgot to mention!!!! I ran into Scott Tanner! YAY! and I met his BF Paul too. They were soooo cool and cute that night.


POP GOES THE ZIPPER and Day One of FOLSOM weekend was a fuckin SUCCESS!!!


  1. This is a great post and I'm glad you had a good time. it was nice meeting you and testing you easy access pants and chilling with you and Rocco (oh my god he's so hot)Giovanni.

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  2. Great post and pics Mr - I've enjoyed your Twitter updates and pics too.... very sexy!:)