Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Easy Access Pants.

I've been wearing my easy access pants quite often this past week. I go through phases when it comes to wearing the clothing I wear. Well, actually, I don't go through phases. I pretty much have the same style and wardrobe I've had since I was in high school. I don't dress to impress. I only dress to impress if need be and even when I do that I don't try and make an effort to wear "decent" clothing for something. I'm a t-shirt and jeans guy. Random t-shirts are my favorite. I fuckin loooooove wearing random ass t-shirts with school mascots I don't even know or anything that says shit like "I got drunk at the Waterloo Junction and all got was this fucked up t-shirt" kinda shirts. I wear Dickies shorts RELIGIOUSLY and love wearing baseball caps and douchey trucker hats. (Yes I'll admit it, I like those damn hats god damn it!) That's my sense of style. I swear half the fuckin clothes I have in my closet is still from my high school days. I used to work at the Value Center which is a thrift store in Sylmar. I used to get all sorts of awesome shit when I worked there. I need to go shopping and find myself at least two or three decent outfits. That way I have some stuff I can wear when I need to go to a fancy dinner or shit like that. Not that I go to fancy dinners all the time (I wish) but hey, it never hurts to have good clothes and be prepared.

OK, back to my easy access pants. I digress a bunch I know...lol...

My easy access pants didn't start out the way that they look today. I bought these my pants in a thrift store up in Solvang California. Solvang is a small Danish town up about an hour or so from Santa Barbara. I went up there with a bunch of friends from college on a day trip. I had heard about Solvang from several different people. I was also curious as to see if it was true whether the town actually had windmills and looked like a small Danish village.v Turns out, It really does have windmills AND it had all sorts of neat little bakeries and shops. We hit up one of the thrift stores in town and I ended up finding my pants there. When I first bought them they were immaculate. They had no rips and tears or anything. What was cool about the pants was that they actually fit me pretty fuckin good. I hardly ever find pants that fit me. I'm a small fuckin guy, finding pants that fit me is a mission. But these pants man, they were fuckin perfect. I bought them for like 3 bucks too which totally made my day.

Now that I had these awesome pants I wore them ALL THE TIME. Like, everywhere. I felt awesome with my new pants. They were nice and new and felt great on my body. Shit, they even gave me confidence when I walked on the street. I just felt sooo fuckin good in these pants. Well, over time, The pants started to wear out. At first it started with one little thread that came undone on the pants. Once that shit happened I started to pick at it like a heroin addict picks at their scabs. One day while getting stoned in college I accidentally dropped the lit bowl on my pants which burned a hole through the pants. That gave me another thing to pick at when I was bored in class or sitting on the couch watching TV. Pretty soon, the huge holes started to form and over time they became the easy access pants that they are today.

I love wearing these jeans. I especially love wearing them with no undies on. I like to wear them because they make me feel super comfortable. It feels good having pants that give your balls and cock a nice breeze. Especially in this ridiculous heat. I feel sexxxy in my easy access pants. I feel like I'm putting myself in a vulnerable situation when I wear the jeans. I dunno, to me, feeling vulnerable or vulnerability is incredibly attractive. I feel unstoppable when I wear these pants with no undies. It's also a really good challenge for me when I go out in public with them on. I get turned on all the fuckin time. Wearing these jeans help me control my horniness. It's a huge challenge for me. I like the challenge. There are some times when I'm in the supermarket or store and I see someone hot and I'm like "Oh shit, I feel a boner coming along..." When that shit happens, I start to mentally prepare myself to control my loins. Sometimes, I do an awesome job and manage not to get a raging boner. Other times, I have to stop from walking and stand in one spot to make sure I don't move around and cause my cock to get harder than it already is.

I love wearing my easy access pants because they make scratching my nuts and adjusting my cock simple. Like, I just have to dig my hand down the hole, scratch away, and move on with my life. The pants make me feel slutty and incredibly confident. I like wearing them when I go to a sleazy bar because they attract so much attention. Especially when I'm at the gay bars. I love the way guys look down at my pants and try to reach inside for my cock. It happens to me all the time when I wear the pants. I don't mind the attention, shit, I fuckin invite it. I have some huge holes by my butt cheeks. Every time I walk you can see bits and pieces of my ass. Oh man, and when I have some drinks in me it's over. The thought of someone sticking their hands up my inner thigh where the huge holes in my pants are gets me going. One drunken night at the Faultline I let a guy give me a hand job in at the bar. I didn't cum or anything, the guy was able to reach my cock with ease and stroke it real good. It was awesome cuz there was a porn playing at the bar while the guy was stroking me. No one had a clue what we were doing. That shit was a fuckin turn on for me. To be able to pull shit off with no problems was fuckin hot. A guy at the bar started noticing what was going on. I just gave him a smirk and let the guy continue to work on my cock.

My pants were the talk of the town this Labor Day Weekend. My mom kept commenting on how cool they were and one of my aunts told me that If I walked out in public in my pants I would get raped. Well, I've already been out in public with them on and so far no rape has happened. HAHA! It was funny having my family and friends comment on the jeans. Sooner or later these pants are gonna be unwearable. I think I will shed a tear when that day happens. Till then, I will keep strutting my shit down the street with my nuts out. Letting the cool breeze caress my sack to satisfaction!



  1. Damn your story made me HARD! I have my fav slut jeans too unfortunately they are no longer legal!

    I know the feeling than comes from worn denim there is a reason back in the 50's jeans were considered "Scandalous"

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