Friday, May 7, 2010

Pics from Cocktails with the Stars 1 Year Anniversary

Me and Trent Locke! YUM! Photo Taken by Tom Trevor

I've been a lazy blogger and more of a Twitter slut lately. So, before I forget, Here are some pics that I took from Cocktails with the Stars 1 Year Anniversary party from last Thursday!

All I gotta say is DAMN! The 1 Year anniversary party was fuckin AWESOME! Had the best time being there and man was it a WILD party. There was lots of hot porn studs, porn fans, hot chicks, and Str8cam Lube GALORE all over the place. Oh man, this party was insane. There was drunk girl boobies, lots of male culo, drunk uncut guys trying to get in the action (I swear I wasn't one of the drunk uncut guys) and just an all around great fuckin time. Cocktails with the Stars at Mickys is one of the funnest places to be on Thursday Nights!

Josh Griffin and one of the drunk uncut Mexicans.

Hot as FUCK Trent Locke. Mmmmmm...

Trent Locke and Travis James smooching.

"Suck it, Trent!" :P

Mitchel Rock and Adam Killian lip locking :P

Steven Daigle! :P

Cutie Tucker Scott! <3

Me and Real Guys Exposed mastermind Robert Chandler! :P

For More pics of this event check out my buddy Tom Trevor's blog! :P

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