Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet Legendary Lynn LeMay at Erotica LA June12th-14th

Photo taken by Eddie Garcia

I am very exxxcited to announce that Legendary adult screen goddess Lynn LeMay will be signing autographs and hanging out with fans and pervs alike at this years Erotica LA. Erotica LA is a 3 day porn bonanza that takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Erotica LA is debauchery, nudity, porn stars, paparazzi and on and on and on. it is a 3 day bukkake of everything and anything related to sex and the adult industry. At Erotica LA patrons can get up close to adult superstars that they masterbate to on a regular basis.

I've been waiting for Erotica LA for the longest time. I was gonna go last year but I had just started working at Adult Factory Outlet. Going to this event is gonna be such a blast for me. I will be celebrating my 27th birthday at Erotica LA. My birthday is on the 11th and it just so happens that the convention begins on the 12th! I will be taking a video camera with me so I can capture some footage of all the craziness that is bound to happen. It'll be my first time doing something like this so hopefully it all goes well! Thanks to Twitter, I've been keeping in contact with some of today's leading adult film stars. Meeting some of the stars that I talk to on Twitter is gonna be interesting. Since I work at a porn shop I've accumilated dozens of porn posters. I"m gonna get as many of those fuckers signed by the stars. I've also invited a couple of friends to be my "Porntourage" to help me with getting posters signed.

I will also be hanging at Lynn and our buddy Lou's booth at the convention. Lynn and a bunch of the girls that I've written about on my blog will be at the booth as well. Expect to see Sierra Skye, Rachel Love, Kaci Starr, Cat Cleavage, BB Gun, Heather Hurley and of course Lynn LeMay! I truly am thrilled about this event. Now that I have a Blackberry, I can post pics and video clips on Myspace and Twitter as it happens! Oh god, I'm sooooo looking forward to meeting the talented performers, directors, producers, etc. from in and around the adult industry. This event is gonna be well worth it. I highly recommend going to Erotica LA.

So if you love porn as much as I do...GO TO EROTICA LA!!! Come say Hello to Lynn and I and the rest of our crew. Lynn and the girls will be signing autographs, taking pictures, hanging out with fans, might even get to cop a feel or two! Lynn will also be selling some of her classic films and several of her new releases!

I gotta give Lynn props for taking me under her wings and letting me film with her, Eddie Garcia, and LeMayzing Pictures. Lynn has showed me so much about the industy and its inner workings. It's because of Lynn that I've got to meet and talk to some of my favorite people in the adult industry. if it wasn't for Lynn, I never woulda been able to go to the GAYVN's! I would have never met Ricky Sinz, Scott Tanner, ugh! That woulda been terrible. Lynn has done so much for me and I appreciate her so much!

Come out to Erotica LA! You know you wanna

If you wanna know more about Lynn LeMay click here to check out her Myspace page.

click here to check out Erotica LA's home page.

DO IT!!! :)

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