Thursday, May 7, 2009

VIVID offers $1 Million to Miss California for XXX movie deal.

It was only a matter of time before some porn company was gonna offer homo hating Carrie Prejean a contract for some XXX action. I was waiting and eating for someone to make an offer! Sure enough, Vivid comes to the rescue.

The people at Vivid (and I'm sure everyone else in America) have been following the the mishaps of Carrie Prejean ever since she blurted out her opposition on gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant. Click here to read a small article on this story from

I'm not surprised that Vivid was one of the first companies to offer Carrie a contract. They've offered Octomom the same deal too when she started to become a media sensation. To be honest, I'd rather see Miss California get plowed rather than Octomom. I can't picture Octomom nekkid. Everytime I think of her nekkid it makes me wanna vomit! GROSS!!!

Should Miss California accept Vivid's offer? I wouldn't see why not. Once all the media dies down on her I'm sure she's gonna be desperate enough to take the offer. Plus, there's pics of her all over the internet half nekkid anyway. Might as well get a fat paycheck for it. Miss California has the look for porn. She's pretty, I will admit. Carrie would make a buttload of money in porn. I doubt she'll do it though. Although in these hard times...

I think that Carrie should jump on this porn bandwagon and take Vivid's offer! Hell, she can do a movie with former Miss USA Kelli McCarty! Kelli's dive into the adult industry has been quite a success. Her first hardcore film FAITHLESS is a best seller for Vivid. I can picture both Kelli and Carrie starring in a big budget Vivid film where they get to muff dive on each other at some exotic location or in a fancy mansion. Vivid could make tons with this. Steve Hirsh, I think you should offer Carrie a little more than a million. 5 million would be a good tempting offer. She can use all that money to fund her "opposite marriage" rants!

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